Just You ‘n Me

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In Thailand, they usually have Pad Kra Pow (#18, #23), Kai Prig Khing (#19) with Kai Jeaw (#67).

They also have curries (#13, #32 – 35) with Kai Jeaw (#67) with or without chili sauce because curry is hot itself, but whatever you prefer.

Sometimes they have soups (#8, #9, #47, #48), steamed jasmine rice (#77) with Kai Jeaw (#67) with or without chili sauce as well.

These are the perfect pairings and the most popular dishes everywhere.
So, I named these pairings "Just You ‘n Me", absolutely delishhh…!

You probably try Pad Ma Mung (#17, #24) and all dishes of Combination Plates (#36 – 38) with Kai Jeaw (#67) as a special one.

At Ty Fun, if you have no ideas what to have. I recommend Kai Jeaw (#67) as the first choice.
This is a quick, save, meal for all Thai people.

Webmaster’s ideas
Sharing Kai Jeaw together. You can share it for both of you, "Just You ‘n Me".
Please tell your server if you don’t need chili sauce. Thank you.


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