Only in America!

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LAAB is most often made with minced meat (pork, chicken, beef, duck, fish or mushrooms; either raw or cooked) mixed with local ingredients and herbs such as chili, mint, roasted ground rice, etc., flavored with fish sauce and lime juice. Roughly ground toasted rice is also a very important component of this dish. Served with sticky/steamed rice and raw vegetables.

A smart chef, Sunny created his own recipe for Clevelanders only,
especially TOFU LAAB (#68) that you can find nowhere else.

LAAB (#68; beef, chicken or pork) and SOM TUM (#70) are the perfect pairings anytime,
must try!

In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, there was a scene at Thai restaurant where aunt May and Peter Parker had LAAB together. They loved LAAB.

I also recommend YUM YUM WOON SEN (#73, shrimp or tofu), so delicious.
Salad lovers don’t miss!