How to enjoy Som Tum?

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All pictures were shot in the northeastern (I-San) region of Thailand.
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In Thailand, they usually have Som Tum (papaya salad) and char-grilled/fried chicken, beef/pork, fish with any dipping sauces they prefer and sticky/steamed rice (optional). You can see Som Tum almost everywhere in Thailand.

Webmaster’s ideas
At Ty Fun, the easiest way, for dinner, is to order
Som Tum (#70) and Kai Yang (#21) or
Som Tum (#70) and fish (#2831 with or without sauces, and #74 if without sauces) or
Som Tum (#70), Laab (#68) and steamed jusmine rice (#77) or
Som Tum (#70), Prawn Rolls (#5) and steamed jusmine rice (#77) or
Som Tum (#70), Tod Mun Pla (#7) and steamed jusmine rice (#77).

The last 3 items are also available for lunch.

For the last 3 items, just take all #77s out, you will get perfect appetizers.
I’ve never tried Som Tum (#70) with Thai Spring Rolls (#2). May be a choice to try something strange.

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